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Spencer’s Blog July: Return Envy

Spencer Seggebruch

What should I be invested in?  Should I change my investments?  How much risk am I taking?  How do I know if my investments are diversified?  We all face these questions when saving for retirement. Participants with retirement accounts often find selecting an investment based solely on past performance as…

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Wagner Award Presentation

NAAIM 2016 Wagner Award Winner: Spencer Seggebruch

Curtis Auffenberg

We are pleased to announce that Spencer Seggebruch has won the National Association of Active Investment Managers’ 2016 Wagner Award for his paper “Multivariate Regression Analysis: Considering the Relevance of Past Performance.” Being the only person to win on their first entry means a lot to Spencer, who said, “It was a…

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Prepare For the Unexpected – Emergency Funds

Curtis Auffenberg

Emergency Funds are often overlooked in the grand scheme of retirement savings. Most people seem very indifferent about having a large amount of money “doing nothing”.  In all reality that money is doing much more than that – Emergency funds provide peace of mind and insurance against unforeseeable events in the…

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Artesys Market Update

Steve Davis

The financial markets, US and abroad, are experiencing significant volatility. We suggest there are three primary factors contributing to the volatility and contraction of stock values: 1. The US market has been long overdue for a correction. While it’s too early to tell if this is a market correction or…

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