What is Artesys?

Let’s take the work out of retirement.

In 1987, CEO and Chairman Robert T. Jones developed the Artesys investment approach with the goal of taking the work out of retirement. Artesys is a proprietary managed account program that actively manages investor accounts for both offensive and defensive approaches. Since then, we’ve been working with financial professionals and company retirement plans to help our clients meet their financial goals.


We know how much work, time and energy goes into managing an investment portfolio alone. So we developed investment strategies to fit your needs. When you want to go above and beyond common, everyday investment practices, Artesys is a solution that’s ready to help you succeed.


With more than 25 years of experience tailoring and refining portfolios for long-term performance, we know what it takes to build success. When we work with investors, we actively monitor, manage and rebalance portfolios to maximize potential returns while staying within their selected comfort levels of risk.


Whether you’re a financial professional, plan sponsor or an individual investor, Artesys has a team of experienced professionals here to help you make smarter investment decisions. It takes expertise, discipline and care to deliver financial success – and that’s exactly what Artesys has to offer.

See how we can help you succeed. Contact us.