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Corporate Retirement Solutions

Join Artesys in revolutionizing corporate retirement solutions

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As a result, we’ve meticulously designed investment strategies to navigate the ebbs and flows of the financial market, simplifying your role as a retirement plan provider. Together, we can drive better retirement outcomes for your clients or employees.

Drive better outcomes with simplified plan management

Personalized retirement growth

Empower your clients with our managed accounts, a strategic tool for advancing their retirement goals. Key benefits include:

  • Custom strategies tailored to investors’ unique financial status and aspirations
  • Transparent reporting to keep investors informed and empowered
  • Protection from emotional bias inherent in self-investing
  • Educational insights about portfolios to foster understanding and confidence
  • Direct access to our experienced support team for guidance

Dynamic investing made simple

Enhance your portfolio with our CITs, a dynamic strategy designed to weather market fluctuations. Our CITs offer:

  • Cost-effective solutions that maximize your resources
  • Seamless plan integration for effortless inclusion
  • Dedicated support team available at your fingertips
  • Confidence in our track record of over two decades
  • Availability across all major recordkeepers for flexibility
  • Balanced growth potential and risk management
  • A diversified investment approach for well-rounded portfolios

Comprehensive 3(38) support to safeguard investor futures

Secure your retirement strategy with our 3(38) fiduciary services, which offer a layer of financial and legal protection. When you choose Artesys, you benefit from:

  • Advanced protection exceeding typical fiduciary services
  • Strategic investment selection, regular monitoring, and timely replacements
  • Freedom to focus on what truly matters as we manage the complexities

Strengthen your retirement strategy

Cash balance plans are powerful tools for attracting and retaining top talent. When you partner with Artesys, your plan benefits from:

  • Predictable retirement income for employees
  • Significant tax benefits
  • Professional management to ensure long-term viability

Secure and reliable retirement income

Defined benefit plans, also known as pension plans, offer employees the security of a guaranteed income stream throughout retirement. With Artesys, your defined benefit plan offers:

  • Stability through a guaranteed, regular retirement income
  • Reduced risk for employees
  • Customized design to fit your company’s needs

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Artesys: your partner in building your corporate retirement plan business.

At Artesys, we envision a world where your employees and clients can thrive in their financial futures, while you can focus on what matters most to you. With our comprehensive corporate retirement solutions, we do just that and more.