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Take the work out of retirement with Artesys.

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Almost 80% of people don’t feel comfortable managing their retirement savings. Whether you want someone doing it for you or you simply want a diversified strategy to add to your investment mix, we have solutions for you. Leave the stress behind with Artesys!

Enhance your investing experience:
Set yourself up for success with Artesys

Investing for yourself takes time, attention, and confidence. It requires research, analysis, a disciplined strategy, and periodic changes. Simply put, investing is a lot of work. Looking to offload that burden? Artesys is a trusted partner of retirement plan participants all across the country and is here to help.


The team at Artesys has been managing investments since 1987. We have experience investing through all types of market conditions.

Performance History

Our strategies have over 20 years of performance history. We’re not giving you back-tested or hypotheticals like other services.

Offensive & Defensive Solutions

Strategies designed for growth and others with the goal of protecting principal during prolonged market declines.

Managed Accounts & CITs

Offer both a full service discretionary managed account program and strategies that serve as a fund option on your investment menu.

Explore our Managed Accounts

Explore our CITs

Maximize your performance returns: avoid common investing mistakes

Our commitment centers on your journey, helping you work towards a prosperous retirement for you and your family. Artesys helps navigate the complexities of investing by offering actively managed strategies based on math, science, and research – and they’re backed by over 20 years of historical performance. Remove the guesswork and let us help you avoid these common investment mistakes:

Chasing the highest returns

Reacting to the media

Copying the decisions of others

Trying to time the market

Emotional selling & buying

Holding similar investments

Holding multiple Target Date Funds

Not reviewing investments regularly

Want to take a deeper dive?

Seeing is believing. Join us for a presentation that details how the Artesys strategies have provided value over the average person who invests for themselves and why it’s difficult for those doing it on their own to achieve the same results.

What type of investor are you? We can help you find out.

Determining how much risk we should take with our savings and how to invest it appropriately can be difficult to pinpoint and execute. Artesys can assess your personal situation today and help identify a strategy that is right for you.

Education Center

Empowering you with valuable insight along your investing journey.

Want to hear from us?

Embark on a journey towards financial freedom with Artesys by your side. Our dedicated team is here to empower and support you on your retirement path. Contact us today to discuss your situation so we can help you shape a brighter retirement future.