Taking the work out of retirement.

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The time and attention required to manage an investment account on your own can quickly lead to confusion and frustration, resulting in poor decisions that can impact your returns. Finding the time to manage an investment portfolio is hard enough, avoiding common investment mistakes that cost returns is another story, it takes a lot of work.

Artesys is a managed account program, serving the needs of individual investors, participants in qualified retirement plans, pension plans, endowments and trusts. We give financial professionals access to a complete investing system with expert investment insight for their qualified and non-qualified retirement clients.

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Why Artesys is a Preferred Choice


Clarity about the philosophy, engineering and methodology behind portfolio creation.

  • Over 30 years of investment experience.
  • Over 20 years of qualified plan experience.
  • Offensive and defensive strategy to cater to both types of investors.
  • Both strategies are proprietary to Artesys, we do not subscribe to any outside service.
  • Over 10 years of historical returns.

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Confidence that we will make sound decisions that are aligned with investor’s best interest.

  • Our concentration on offensive and defensive portfolios helps us effectively manage investors accounts through all market cycles – addressing risk throughout.
  • Daily monitoring and attention to detail helps ensure that our solutions remain in line with clients’ goals and financial expectations for the long run.

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Comfort that investors are educated and making informed decisions.

  • State of the art animated, narrated quarterly communications provide clients with an economic overview, historical returns and investor education.
  • Assist in proactively servicing accounts: offering Artesys investor education, enrollment and reporting.
  • An easy to use electronic sign-up process that recommends the appropriate portfolio for the investor.
  • A toll-free help desk provides investors with answers to their questions.

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See how Artesys can help your investors meet their retirement goals.

For Financial Professionals

Support your investors with insight from Artesys.

  • Artesys delivers managed accounts that enable you to focus on helping your clients and help achieve their investment objectives.
  • We support you and your practice through weekly updates and quarterly communications, and provide real, objective advice.
  • We help you operate your business more efficiently by offering the type of quality investment portfolios that draw and retain clients.

For Plan Sponsors and Owners

Find success for all of your employees.

  • Artesys mitigates a Plan Sponsors’ fiduciary risk at the plan and participant level.
  • Has proven to help increase participant enrollment and participation.
  • Participants are provided with up-front and ongoing investment education.
  • Participants have access to an easy to use sign-up process to place them in an appropriate portfolio.

For Investors

Make retirement truly yours.

  • Managing your retirement account is a full time job, it takes time, attention and a highly specialized set of skills to manage an investment portfolio effectively.
  • Knowing which funds to move to, when to move or whether to move anything at all is part of what makes Artesys a much better alternative to trying to manage a retirement account alone.
  • Learn whether you are an offensive or defensive investor and which portfolio we recommend you invest with us by filling out our brief Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

The Margin


Investment solutions. Proprietary approach. Personalized service.

We support our clients with the insight and strategy they need to help investors meet their goals. Learn more about how you can bring our expertise, the latest science and a deep understanding of historical performance to your investing.