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Plan Sponsor

Empower your employees’ financial future with exceptional retirement solutions.

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We assist plan sponsors by partnering with your plan advisor to offer a variety of plan solutions. Don’t have a plan advisor? Don’t worry, we can still work with you. Artesys can help optimize plan design, ensure investment fiduciary compliance, and offer investment services to participants – freeing you up to focus more on your business.

Inspire financial confidence: Artesys offerings

Artesys specializes in solutions that prioritize your employees’ financial security, giving your team the assurance they need for a prosperous retirement. Here’s how our services benefit your team:

Managed accounts

Strategies suited for each employee’s individual goals equipped with online recommendation and placement tools


Differentiated strategies for participants that are confident managing their own account and a range of portfolio needs

3(38) Fiduciary support

Service offerings that shield you from liability while building employee trust and reducing your workload

Educational resources

Access to personalized plan reporting and employee education, and more for seamless implementation and value amplification.

Explore our Managed Accounts

Explore our CITs

Diverse retirement plans we support:
Personalized solutions for your organization

We share your mission – ensuring a secure retirement for yourself and your team. Artesys offers strategic support for a variety of retirement needs, streamlining the journey for both your employees and your organization:

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401(k) plans

403(b) plans for non-profit organizations

457(b) plans for government and certain non-profit employees

SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRA for small businesses and self-employed individuals

Defined Benefit plans

Cash Balance plans

Collaborative approach to retirement investing

Artesys partners closely with you and your plan advisor to provide solutions that can elevate your retirement plan strategy. We handle the intricate details, from personalized reporting to optimized portfolios, allowing you to focus on what you love, with the peace of mind that your plan is in expert hands.

Become an Artesys partner

Our impact goes far beyond bolstering your organization’s benefits package. Together, we can pave the way for a prosperous financial future for all. The first step: reaching out to us to learn more about how we can tailor a retirement plan for your team’s aspirations.