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Financial Advisor / Advisor Retirement Plans

Expert plan & participant retirement solutions for your advisory practice

Partner with Artesys to offer your clients managed account solutions, sophisticated investment strategies, insightful reporting, and fiduciary support. Experience piece of mind as we lessen your workload and collaborate to deliver the retirement outcomes your clients envision.

Our services

Participants are asking for help – Artesys answers. Enhance your value with clients for no additional cost to the plan. Fully transparent suite of Offensive & Defensive portfolios equipped with online assessment and placement tools – Our package includes access to a participant prospecting tool and plan specific investing behavior insight reports for enhanced decision making with your client.

Our CITs are designed with the retirement plan participant and you in mind, offering strategies that meet participant needs and enable you to construct your own differentiated custom portfolios. Added to the retirement plan like any other fund, the CIT can be used as the sole investment in a participant’s account or be mixed into your own strategy.

Searching for investment lineup support? Leverage Artesys 3(38)

Insulate your plan and yourself with the highest level of fiduciary coverage offered.

Our proprietary scorecard screens for the best available funds in each asset class.

Due diligence packets completed by funds and follow-up calls conducted with the team.

Weekly quantitative fund performance monitoring to ensure continued appropriateness.

Automatic removal, replacement, and participant communication when a fund meets sell criteria.

Detailed report covering lineup evaluation, performance metric analysis, and commentary on fund status.

Frequently asked questions | Financial Advisors

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about working with Artesys:

Our services are designed to lighten your workload. From our managed account strategies and plan reports helping service participant investing inquiries and client strategic planning, to our 3(38) service assisting you to offload the plan lineup management and monitoring effort – we take care of the details, allowing you to spend more time on client relationships and business development.

Our strategies are unique because of the investment process that we have developed and refined over the last 20+ years. We do not subscribe to outside trading or research services and we perform our own portfolio optimization using proprietary capital markets assumptions.

Artesys enhances your role by managing the intricacies of retirement plans, providing you with more time to focus on client relationships. We offer managed accounts, share fiduciary responsibility, and provide comprehensive retirement plan strategies to suit diverse client needs.

Artesys provides strategies and support for a variety of plans and accounts, including IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, Defined Benefit, and Cash Balance plans. Our services are adapted to fit the needs and goals of each plan type.

As a 3(21) and 3(38) investment advisor and manager, Artesys can help share in the fiduciary responsibilities and aid in risk management. This means we can act as co-fiduciaries on the funds in the lineup we include in our managed accounts , investment managers to the participants utilizing our managed accounts – and even for plans when utilizing our 3(38) plan fiduciary service.

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Join forces with Artesys to elevate your retirement advisory services. We’re ready to discuss a partnership or provide more details about our offerings. Together, let’s shape brighter financial futures.