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Artesys Global Defensive Growth– Serving employee needs

Your employees’ financial future is equally important to us as it is you. Employees need help investing, not just ensuring they’re invested appropriately – keeping them from the rash emotional decisions that are proven to cost them returns in the long run. That’s why we designed Artesys Global Defensive Growth (ARTDGX) to be more than just another fund option; it’s an actively managed and globally diversified strategy that utilizes a proprietary trading system to adjust the portfolio risk in changing market conditions. Offer a strategy available to your employees that takes the guesswork and the stress out of managing their retirement account.

ARTDGX advantage

Proprietary asset class momentum and volatility driven adjustments between equity and fixed income.

Strategy with over 20 years of history, exhibiting competitive performances through major bear and bull market cycles.

A defensive solution for your retirement plan

Proprietary systems are optimized with the goal of protecting principal during prolonged market declines.

Disciplined investment strategy that looks to optimize expected return through active allocation decision making.

Over 20 years of historical performance results to validate what the strategy is offering you.

Select us for your account just like any other fund option on your retirement plan.

Can be used as the sole investment or a piece of the  participant’s portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about working with Artesys:

Active investment in a broadly diversified portfolio seeking capital preservation through systematic risk adjustments during periods of prolonged market declines with a secondary objective to achieve long-term capital growth. There is no guarantee the strategy will achieve its objectives.

As an actively managed diversified strategy, it can serve as the sole investment or utilized as a piece of their investment portfolio. Participants can work with us or your plan advisor to determine how much or how little to include in their retirement account.

Reach out to us or your advisor about getting us added. It can be as simple as adding another fund option to your retirement plan.

The cost can vary, please see our most recent published material or fact sheets for the most current cost. The cost is deducted from the participant account the same as all other funds you have on your retirement plan.

Get started with Artesys today

Artesys is ready to be a trusted resource to enhance your organization’s retirement plan, help to achieve better outcomes, and boost employee retention and satisfaction.