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Plan Sponsor / Plan Sponsor Managed Accounts

Your employees deserve the best. Artesys delivers

Your employees’ financial well-being matters. Investing for yourself takes time, attention, and confidence. It requires research, analysis, a disciplined strategy, and periodic changes. Simply put, investing is a lot of work. Artesys is on a mission to help employees offload that burden – we’re a trusted partner of retirement plan participants all across the country and we’re here to help the people in your organization.

The Artesys Advantage

We find that over one-third of employees are attempting to manage their own investments – with the average person missing out on significant long-term results. Give your employees access to a disciplined investing strategy that will help them avoid the common behavioral investing mistakes.

Determining how to invest appropriately for your personal situation is a large undertaking with everything we have going on with our lives. Artesys’ placement tools can help identify a strategy that is right for your employees based on where they are today and where they want to be.

An elevated retirement investing experience

Plan level analysis on participant usage and investment behaviors to help empower more informed decision making.

Disciplined strategies that apply math and science, making active investment decisions for you and your employees.

Over 20 years of historical performance results to validate what we’re offering you and your employees.

See each investment you hold, how much is invested, and know when changes are made to your portfolio.

Portfolio recommendations that consider your investment goals, personal objectives, and tolerance for risk.

Keeping you and your employees up-to-date on portfolio performance and the market so you’re always in the know.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about working with Artesys:

$0.00. That’s right, you can add the Artesys managed accounts to your plan for no additional cost to the plan. Provide your employees with access to a needed service and get the benefits of our plan level reporting for free.

From onsite enrollment meetings to handling investment related participant calls, we can cover it all. When we partner with you, we want to be as involved as you’d like us to be.

No, Artesys is an optional service for participants. Plus there is no contractual obligation to use our service! It is free to get in, free to get out, free to make changes – we only charge for the time they’re utilizing a portfolio.

No, the account remains with the recordkeeper. We provide the recordkeeper with instructions on how to manage the account on an ongoing basis.

There is no cost for those not using the service. For participants that sign up for the service, the pricing ranges from the low costs of .05% – .15% per quarter. Exact pricing is based on factors including plan size and the Artesys options selected for the plan.

Get started with Artesys today

Artesys is ready to be a trusted resource to enhance your organization’s retirement plan, help to achieve better outcomes, and boost employee retention and satisfaction.