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Meet the Team / Steve Davis

Steve Davis


Meet Steve Davis, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) at Artesys, whose expertise lies in research and development for manufacturing plants. With a strong background in engineering and a penchant for solving intricate technical problems, Steve channels his analytical prowess and collaborative spirit into driving innovation at Artesys.

Industry & educational background

Steve holds a Masters of Engineering from Harvey Mudd College, reflecting his commitment to engineering excellence. His career has been centered around research and development for manufacturing plants, making him a pivotal contributor to Artesys’ technology-driven approach. His ability to tackle complex challenges and leverage data analysis is a cornerstone of the company’s tech-oriented solutions.


  • Series 65, Investment Advisor
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)

Beyond the job

Steve thrives on working closely with small groups of talented individuals, collaborating to solve intricate technical puzzles. He employs his data analysis skills to unravel complexities and drive effective solutions. His personal interests span from sports like golf and tennis to spiritual practices like Eucharistic Adoration. He cherishes quality time with his three children, a cat, and a dog.