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NAAIM 2016 Wagner Award Winner: Spencer Seggebruch

Wagner Award Presentation

We are pleased to announce that Spencer Seggebruch has won the National Association of Active Investment Managers’ 2016 Wagner Award for his paper “Multivariate Regression Analysis: Considering the Relevance of Past Performance.”

Being the only person to win on their first entry means a lot to Spencer, who said, “It was a very humbling experience”.

Spencer competed against entries from across the United States and countries around the world including Ireland, England, and the Netherlands.  In the history of the award, Spencer is the only recipient to have received an unanimous vote from the award judges.

The Wagner Award

In honor of the vision and work of Jerry Wagner, NAAIM founding member and president and CEO of Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., the NAAIM Wagner Award for Advances in Active Investment Management annually awards $10,000 to a first-place paper providing evidence of the validity of an active investing approach using a trading system that outperforms the market by some well-accepted metric such as risk-adjusted return, annual return or drawdowns.

Past Winners

The past winners of the Wagner Awards form an elite club of Ivy League members, award winning authors, and regular contributors to various financial news outlets.  Spencer is overjoyed to join such a prestigious group of individuals.

The Paper

In his award-winning paper, Spencer shows that multivariate regression analysis can successfully identify mathematical relationships between various past performance statistics and future returns.
To view the paper – click here

About Spencer

Spencer is no stranger to 1st place finishes, as he spends a large portion of his free time as a competitive cyclist for Michelob Ultra – Big Shark Racing.  He has also recently qualified as a Category 1 professional.

Spencer has been a valuable part of the R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management Inc. team for 3 years now handling portfolio research, design, and trading algorithm optimization.  He has recently been promoted to Investment Officer.


Spencer would like to thank the following for their kindness, support, and feedback. His wife, Paige. His parents, Brent and Kelly. The NAAIM Judges, Members, and Mr. Wager, and the R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management Inc. team.



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